Sunday 21 July 2013

The Guild Wheel - Part 2

Today we decided to have another try at The Guild Wheel and see how long it took us without the Scouts. We also started the ride from home which added another 6 miles to the route. We cycled the opposite way round this week so the big hill wasn't at the end although it was quite hard going in parts so next time we will go the other way round as we found this easier.

Last week we cycled in glorious sunshine but today was much cooler and overcast. There was also a lot fewer people on the route, maybe because we started at 9am rather than 11am last week.

As there was only 4 of us this week it was much easier negotiating the gates and cattle grids.

Mark had his GPS on the bike and said that he had an average moving speed of 9.40mph with a top speed of 24.06mph, this was obviously on a downhill bit. The full ride took us 3 hours 1minute and 15 seconds so next time we will aim to get it under 3 hours. The hardest bit of the ride was the last 3 miles which was a real slog, we all struggled as we were cycling into the wind and it was all slightly uphill too. 

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