Monday 28 April 2014

Bike Ride

It was such a lovely evening that we decided to go out on the bikes. We did lots of cycling last year but haven't really been out much recently but now the lighter nights are here we can get out more. Luke is now too big for the tag along so we need to do lots of rides to get him more confident on the road. 

We only did a short route and Luke was doing really well so Mark suggested a spot of "off roading" to make the ride longer. Luke had only wanted to do a quick ride but when "off roading" was mentioned he was really keen. It was good to get out and hopefully we will manage a few rides each week and a longer one at weekends.

Friday 25 April 2014

A day out on the canal

On Easter Sunday we spent the day on Jonathan & Ruth's boat. We set off early and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day as the sun was shining. Unfortunately as we got nearer the marina it clouded over and became quite chilly. As Jonathan and Ruth were staying on the boat for a few days the dogs and cat had come along too so it was quite a full boat when we left the marina! 

Luke steered the boat for the first time and really enjoyed it. We had a slight problem early on in the trip when there was quite a bit of rubbish round the propeller and Jonathan had to untangle it all but once that was sorted we got on our way again. 

As it was Easter Sunday the boys both got Easter eggs which were quickly demolished!.

We stopped for lunch at a nice pub at the side of the canal which was really busy with it being Easter Sunday but surprisingly we were served quite quickly.

The puddings were huge, Luke had a bubble gum ice cream sundae which he didn't quite manage to finish but Mark helped him out.

We had a lovely time despite the weather and are looking forward to our next trip.