Wednesday 21 October 2020

Procoal - The Original Glycolic Egg and The Original Salicylic Egg Review

I received these products for the purpose of the review but all words and opinions are my own

Procoal is not a brand I have come across before and when I agreed to review one of their cleansers I just assumed it would be a liquid cleanser. When the parcel arrived I was therefore intrigued to find two small boxes containing egg shaped soaps which both smelt amazing! These egg shaped soaps are two of Procoal’s sensual facial soaps, The Original Glycolic Egg and The Original Salicylic Egg. The egg shaped soaps are the perfect size to lather in your hands and you don’t need to worry about them rolling off the shower shelf or sink as they have a small flat side on the back which means they sit nicely and stay where you have left them, a simple idea but very effective.

It’s fair to say I was a little concerned about using a facial soap, I haven’t used soap on my face since I was at school as it used to leave my teenage acne prone skin feeling very tight and uncomfortable. Once I discovered cream and liquid cleansers I stopped using soap and have never used it since. The first egg I tried was the The Original Glycolic Egg, I took it out of the box and discovered it is a light pink colour with darker speckles. The fragrance was even nicer once it was out of the box and I when I discovered that The Original Glycolic Egg is a gentle cruelty free, vegan and SLS/SLES free facial soap which targets congested pores, dead skin cells and uneven texture for a fresh and radiant complexion I couldn’t wait to try it out. I suffer from all these facial skin problems, so it was nice to find a product that targeted them all. 

The Original Glycolic Egg is formulated with 2% Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and Rosa Gallica and Procoal claim that the use of it leads to significantly brighter and smoother skin. 

The egg shaped soap is really easy to use, you simply add a little water which creates a nice rich creamy lather which you can then apply to your face. It smells fantastic as you apply it and it is easily rinsed off with water or a cloth. I was really impressed after the first use, my skin felt lovely and soft and there was no tightness at all. I have been using it for almost a week now and I can see a small improvement in my skin already. It normally takes around a month to see the full benefit of a new skincare product so I am hoping that it continues to deliver and do what it promises. It has certainly started off well!

The Original Salicylic Egg is a green soap and this one targets breakouts, acne, blemishes and clarifies pores. My teenage son suffers from spots and acne and so I decided that he would be the best person to try this soap. The soap contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera and the soap was a big hit with him as it didn’t smell flowery. He has been using it for a week and seems quite happy with it, I would say his skin does look better and again the real test will be what his skin is like at the end of the month.

Overall I am really impressed with these soaps and would certainly recommend them, we have both seen an improvement in our skin and they are a lovely product to use. They cost £9.99 each but as you don’t use much I can see the egg lasting a very long time.

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