Tuesday 25 October 2016

Tufferman Garage Shelving Review

Our garage, like many others, has to fulfill many roles; a place to store the bike, the lawn mower and all those half used tins of paint that get leftover whenever we decorate. Everything in fact but but the car! Winter is particularly bad as the garage is the place where we also store the garden furniture, the barbeque and various toys to protect them from the worst of the weather.

We did have some old wooden shelves in the garage (rescued from an old greenhouse) but these did not make best use of the space so when we were asked to review the storalex bays from Tufferman it was the perfect opportunity to use some metal racking to bring order to the chaos.

Clearing a little space was the first challenge but luckily it was a fine day and we were able to put everything outside whilst Mark put the racking together. The garage looked really tidy when the old shelves had been cleared away.

It also meant the spiders could find a new home in the garden!

The metal shelving from Storalex is well packaged and is really easy to assemble, it comes with five shelves per set giving multiple options for shelf height. The set can either be assembled as a single 6’ tall bay or alternatively as two shorter 3’ tall units. We chose to make use of the height of the garage but might use some of the low units in the shed once that gets tidied up.

Assembly is simple. First make up the uprights by just slotting them together.

The shelves are made up of four edges and a central strengthening bar which just slot into the holes in the uprights. No tools or fixings are required although a rubber mallet is useful just to tap them home. Mark found that all the parts fitted together easily and didn’t need to force anything to fit.

Five shelves is plenty for our garage, Mark decided on one at the top, one at the bottom and then just spaced out the others. 

Once the first rack was assembled we made sure it was fastened to the wall. Holes are provided in the uprights so Mark used some wall plugs and screws to make sure everything was safe.

Shelves were spaced to fit the various sizes of paint tin.

Once this was filled the next bay was quickly assembled and joined it. The next target is sorting out the gardening tools in the shed!

The shelves have made a huge difference to our garage, everything is now easy to find and the new shelves look much tidier than the previous racking.

The shelves are available as a 3 or 4 bay option and are available in two different depths, 800h x 900w x 450d  or 1800h x 900w x 600d. The website is easy to navigate and our delivery was very quick. The shelving starts at £89.99 and is available from the Tufferman website.

Disclaimer - we received the 3 bay storalex shelving for the purpose of this review but all words, photographs and opinions are our own.

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