Monday 18 February 2013

Scaffolding is up.

The scaffolding is up

Luke in my old bedroom.
 This week the house is going to be flattened. The scaffolding is now up and the builders have started removing the slates from the roof.

It is a lovely sunny day today, I wonder what the weather was like when the house was built all those years ago?

The slates are removed

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Demolition begins!

The Pantry

The Kitchen with original 1930's Aga

Original 1970's wallpaper in the kitchen

The front door, minus the vestibule

The Living Room

The Utility Room

The toilet

The front room

The bathroom - again with some original 1970's wallpaper

My bedroom

The removal of wood.

Monday 4 February 2013

Cake Art

When asked to make a model of a red blood cell and a plant cell for Science homework William decided that he would make them
out of cake. It wouldn't have been my first choice but it worked surprisingly well!

Family Portrait

Mum has a photograph of the farm dating back to the early 1900's. The family are all stood in front of the house and Mum wanted a similar photo taking before the house is demolished. This is the 2013 version!

I went in this morning and my brother has been busy, the carpets have been ripped up and the doorway to the front room has been opened up with the door and door frame completely gone. The wood around the windows and the window sills have gone too. One of the boxed in beams in the front room has been un-boxed. We always suspected that the beams had been boxed in for a reason and we were right. The beam doesn't look great and is full of woodworm and isn't fit for anything except burning. He has removed a corner of the ceiling and the floor joists don't look in great condition either. The kitchen has been stripped out and all that is left is the old Aga that has been there since the 1930's.

It is quite sad seeing our house being slowly demolished, this is the house we all grew up in and is full of happy memories. Whilst I know it needs doing, watching it slowly become a heap of rubble will be hard.