Monday 17 December 2012

Spin Mania Review

Spin Mania is a brand new game from Drumond Park, the UK's leading independent games company.The game consists of a motorised spinning machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a "spin spike" and three purple stands on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly.

The challenge is to 'spin-up' the three plates on the spinning machine one at a time - and then, using your spin-spike, transfer them, still spinning, to the three separate stands. All three plates must still be spinning on their stands as the player rushes back to the timer, stops the clock, and marks the time taken. Then the next player or players strive to beat the time recorded.
What is special about the game is that the payer's opponents are going to make things very tricky indeed! Before the game starts, all payers must agree the paying area - this will be a specific room or rooms inside the house. Each one must be reasonably easy to see, they can't actually hide a stand, although it can be quite difficult to to, eg. under a table.
Initially we all found it quite tricky to even remove the plates from the spinning machine without dropping them however with a bit of practice everyone got the hang of it! My 7 year son enjoyed playing the game with his cousins and they delighted in finding obscure places to put the stands. I think they enjoyed hiding the stands more than actually playing the game!! The game tended to last a while due to the thought that was put into hiding the stands.
Overall this is a great game and will be fun to play in teams at Christmas.
It is worth pointing out that this game requires 2 x C/LR14 batteries and whilst we generally have spare batteries in the house we don't tend to have this type of battery so if you’re buying this for Christmas make sure you buy batteries at the same time.

The game is aimed at children 6+ and has a rrp of £22.99

We received a copy of Spin Mania by Drumond Park for the purposes of this review.