Monday 22 September 2014

Planes Safe n Sound Lumiglow Wall Stickers Review

When we decorated Luke's bedroom we painted one wall blue and the rest magnolia. When he was younger he had some blue vinyl star stickers to brighten up the room but now he is older he wanted something more grown up.

When I heard about ReadyRoom Wall stickers I thought these would be perfect for him and we chose Disney Planes to decorate his room.

He was really excited when the parcel arrived and couldn't wait to get started. The Disney Planes set came with a battery wall light that switches on with a hand clap and 50 individual Disney Planes stickers. Fortunately the stickers and Safe n Sound Lumiglow were really easy to use and he was able to decorate his room with very little assistance. There were instructions on the box and he quickly read them and then started putting the stickers on the wall.

First we had to stick the large sticker to the wall which allows us to attach the Safe n Sound Lumiglow. This was easy to do and the sticker could easily be repositioned if you didn't get it right first time.

The Planes Safe n Sound Lumiglow attached to the sticker with small velcro pads, I wasn't sure if it would stay up with the added weight of 3 AAA batteries (not included) but I needn't have worried as it does seem secure. It took me a while to find a screwdriver small enough to open the battery cover but once I had it was easy to get the cover off and the batteries fitted.

Luke decided which stickers were going to be used first and he carefulled peeled them off the backing paper.

He was really concentrating to get the stickers in just the right place.

Here is his finished design.

The Lumiglow light gives a gentle light that glows softly for 2 minutes before switching itself off.

Luke enjoyed decorating his bedroom and the light is fun for him to use. It costs £19.99 and full details are available on the Worlds Apart website. Stockists include Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Very, Asda, Tesco and Toys R Us.

Diclaimer - we received the Planes Safe n Sound Lumiglow for the purposes of this review but all words, opinions and photos are our own.

New Name

You may have noticed that my blog now has a new name. When I started blogging Mark set up my blog and called it Cath. Now I have been blogging for a while I have seen lots of inventive blog names and it made me think that it was time to come up with a name that tells everyone what my blog is about.

After looking back over my posts it was quite obvious that baking, cycling and my sons were the main topics and so we came up with the name Bakes, Bikes and Boys. Mark has set up a new domain name and I now have a new email address that I can be contacted on. 

Gisburn Forest

Luke has wanted to go "off roading" on his bike for a while now so as we had a spare Sunday we decided to go to Gisburn Forest and do some mountain biking.

The bikes were loaded onto the car, two on the top and two on the back and after making a packed lunch we were ready to go.

Gisburn Forest has a number of forest bike trails and they are all colour coded so you can easily find your way around. After looking at the map the boys decided that we would try the red route which had some difficult parts and was for experienced mountain bikers. I am no mountain biker and should have gone for the easier blue route but the boys assured me that I would manage. I did struggle with some of the rocky downhill parts and fell off at one point so now have plenty of spectacular purple bruises to show for my day out. My legs are covered so I certainly won't be wearing skirts until the bruises are gone! The boys on the other hand loved it and had a great time.

Whilst we were cycling we spotted a lot of muchrooms and toadstools. I had never seen real red and white spotted toadstools before but there were plenty in the forest and they looked really pretty on the ground.

When we stopped for lunch a bumblebee took a liking to Luke and kept landing on his top. We decided that as it was so bright the bee thought he must be a flower as each time we brushed it off it flew around and then landed on him again.

After stopping for lunch we started following a blue trail which was much easier to ride and meant that we got some decent down hill runs. We did come accross the black trail which is for the very brave (which I am not) and after seeing the sign there was no way I was letting anyone attempt this route. We did see a few mountain bikers with full face helmets and arm and knee pads so I am sure they were out on this trail.

Despite the bruises we had a good day out and Luke enjoyed his day of "off roading" and even spotted a tractor in the forest.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Bike ride to Beacon Fell

Last weekend we went for a couple of bike rides. On the Saturday we rode up to Beacon Fell which is quite a climb! We cycled about 13 miles in total and had a well deserved drink at the cafe. Luke did  a spot of off roading accross the fell whereas William, who was on his new road bike, opted to follow the road and met us at the cafe.


On the last day of the school holidays William decided to have a go at making a Battenburg cake. He said making the cake was really easy but putting the marzipan around it was very tricky.