Sunday 28 January 2018

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad was 70 today, a birthday that none of ever thought he would ever see. He has been ill for a very long time and I remember us having a 48th party as he never thought he would make 50 and here we are 22 years later celebrating his 70th! Mum has been very busy making a delicious buffet with lots of delicious food and plenty of cakes and puddings. Daisy is 8 tomorrow so there was even a cake for her which she was thrilled with. Dad couldn't blow his candles out so Daisy stepped in for him.

Blackpool Winter Gardens

As reviewers for What' s Good To Do we regularly go and see shows at Blackpool Opera House.  When we heard they were having an open day we decided that it would be very interesting to go behind the scenes and explore the Grade 2 listed building. 

We have been in a few of the different areas in the complex but this was the first time we had been in the Spanish Suite and we were both amazed at the detailed decoration. There were plenty of informative banners to read and all the staff were very knowledgeable about the venue. We especially enjoyed looking at the blueprints and drawings that were displayed in the Arena.

The plaster work was incredible, we have been in the Galleon Bar many times and it never crossed my mind that all the woodwork wasn't really woodwork! It was quite a surprise when we read the information sheet and discovered that it was all amazing plaster work! I didn't manage to get a picture in there but this is a picture of some of the plaster work in the Baronial Hall so you can see how good it is.

There was a beautiful Art Deco room next to one of the bar areas and the carpet had been pulled back in another to show an Art Deco tiled floor.

It was very interesting walking onto the stage and seeing it completely bare of all scenery and being able to look out into the audience and see the whole theatre. We were able to go beneath the stage and see the stage lift and also peep inside the dressing rooms.

The Empress Ballroom is an amazing room and is currently being renovated. There are a lot of tiled panels which were done by the company that later became Royal Doulton.

 We really enjoyed exploring Blackpool's Winter Gardens and if you ever get the chance it is definitely worth a visit.