Monday 11 July 2016

How to survive the school holidays

Lots of people I know dread the school holidays as they need to entertain their children for 6 weeks and end up spending a fortune doing so. I actually look forward to the holidays as even though I have to work I find the holidays so much easier as the normal weekday routine is thrown out of the window and we can just do what we want (within reason of course). No chaotic mornings making packed lunches, checking homework has been completed and ensuring everyone has the right kit for school.

Here are my top five tips for maximising fun in the school holidays

1. Put bedtime back - my sons love staying up later and it means we can go out for walks and bike rides after tea. 

2. Get out the board games - We have a huge selection of board games and in the holidays I get one out each morning for the boys to play, they don't know which it will be until they get up and it is on the kitchen table! They have to give each game a fair try and play one round and then if they enjoy it we will play it again later.

 3. Spend lots of time outdoors, my boys love climbing trees and being outdoors and it doesn't cost anything,

4. Do some baking - My children both enjoy baking, William makes lovely cakes and Luke's chocolate biscuit cake is a perfect snack when we are out walking or cycling.

5. Get the children outside in the garden and grow fruit and vegetables. It's fun and mine love eating what they grow.

What are your tips for making the holidays fun?

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