Wednesday 24 June 2015

My Buddy Box - #Aldichallenge

Many years ago I got sick of the amount of carrier bags we were accumulating in the house and made the decision to take my own whenever I go shopping. I keep them in the boot of the car so that I always have them and I rarely need carrier bags from the supermarket now.

When I was asked to take part in the #AlternativeAldiChallenge – a challenge to see if you can beat the Aldi cashier and fill your box before you get asked to pay, I thought it sounded like fun. I regularly shop at Aldi but I end up just chucking all the shopping in the trolley as you have to move your shopping quickly as there is only a tiny area for scanned items. You are expected to move away from the till to pack your shopping once you have paid. Whilst this means customers move quickly through the tills I find this is a real pain as I then need to unpack the trolley again to put everything into bags. I have tried having my bags in the trolley but because they don't stay open I can never keep up with the till operator and end up repacking once I have paid. To take part in the challenge I was sent a My Buddy Box which is an attractive foldable box that is perfect for shopping. When it isn't being used it can be easily folded to save space with sturdy press studs to keep it closed. It easily converts back into a box when you need it with simple plastic sliders that slide across the long sides of the box to strengthen it.

One the My Buddy Box arrived I knew it would be perfect for Aldi as I could put it in the bottom of the trolley and still throw my shopping in but I could then lift it out removing the need to repack my shopping once I had paid and ultimately saving me time. 

I put the My Buddy Box in the bottom of the trolley and put my shopping in it as I went around the store, this was to get a feel of how much shopping I could fit in it and I was actually amazed at how much we got in it!

We had a trolley full at the end and as you can see from this video I managed to keep up with the packing.

I have to admit that once we got back to the car I did wonder if we would be able to lift the box and whether it would be easy to lift it into the car however I needn't of worried. Whilst it was full to the brim it didn't collapse at all when we lifted it into the boot. I am very impressed with it and it definitely made shopping at Aldi much easier. I can see my using this box everytime I go shopping now.

The Rose My Buddy Box that I have costs £14.99 is available from There are 5 different designs available and I have been given a special discount code for my readers. Use Portia 1 to save 10%

Disclaimer - I was sent the My Buddy Box for the purpose of this review but all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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