Sunday 30 November 2014

The Garden

We have had a very mild November and consequently a lot of the flowers are still looking good. The begonias and fuschias in the planter by the front door are still flowering and the lily has plenty of leaves on. Underneath all the green I can see the cyclamen coming through again and the first bulbs poking through the soil.

I have a couple of pots of cyclamen by the front door that were looking a liitle tired when I bought them in the sale at Homebase. I removed the dead flowers and now they are looking lovely and healthy and colourful.

I always have lots of fuschias in the garden and whilst they aren't full of flowers any more they are still looking good.

I am really pleased that we still have some colour in the garden and hopefully the mild weather will last a bit longer.

What is your garden looking like at the minute?

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