Sunday 23 November 2014

Luke's new bike

We have been really busy recently and haven't managed to get out on our bikes as much as we would have liked but as Luke now has a new bike we needed a good ride to test it out. We planned to ride to Grandma's which is 12 miles away so that gave us plenty of opportunity to see how his new bike performed. We rode both on the road and cycle paths and Luke also managed to find lots of puddles and patches of mud to ride through!

Considering it is November the weather is very mild at the minute so this meant we only needed a t-shirt and jumper. I thought my fingers would be cold but I needn't have worried as once I got going I was plenty warm enough.

We really enjoyed the ride and when we got to Grandma's there was a nice lunch waiting for us. On the way home we went a slightly different way so the total miles that we cycled was 28 miles. Luke is really pleased with his new bike and has said that it is much better than his old one!

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