Tuesday 27 June 2017

National Pineapple Day

Apparently today is Pineapple Day - I only found out about it this evening when I saw something on Facebook. I haven't eaten any pineapple today but here is a photo of one of the pineapples Mum has grown. She seems to have the knack of growing them now and usually gets two or three every year.


  1. Oh wow, growing a pineapple is amazing! I saw them for the first time at the Eden Project a couple of years back and thought they looked so strange! I always imagined they grew on trees :)

  2. They look amazing once they start growing as they grow from the top of the leaves. Mum always kept the tops of pineapples and planted them and for years we just had a house full of spiky plants that annoyed us all and so we were all amazed when she said a pineapple was growing!