Sunday 23 August 2015

Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength Review

Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength Anti Perspirant has a vibrant citrusy fragrance, and is specially formulated as the ultimate preparation tool to protect against sweat and odour during exercise. With an active weekend ahead of us including cycling, a Lakeland fell climb and a mini heatwave forecast for Sunday I knew that it would be given the ultimate test. 

For maximum protection you apply to underarms before going to bed, this did seem really strange to me and I wasn't convinced that it would still work in the morning especially as it says you don't need to reapply after showering. However I followed the instructions and hoped it really did live up to the claims on the back of the box which are

- Our ultimate control of sweat during physical activity
- Maximum strength wetness protection from Sure
- Continuous odour protection that keeps you feeling fresh all day
- Long lasting fragrance

After completing a 23 mile bike ride up and down the undulating hills of the Ribble Valley I was soaked with sweat everywhere but my armpits. I have to say I was impressed, once I got home I resisted reapplying the anti perspirant and a few hours later I still smelt fresh. So far so good!

I applied the anti perspirant again before bed, apparently night time application produces optimal results as Sure Maximum Protection is best activated by your body's resting temperature. Sunday was an early start as we were off to the  Lake District to walk up Catbells. We picked a scorching hot day, temperatures were in the twenties and again I knew Sure maximum Protection would be tested to the limit. 

Despite the heat and the stiff climb Sure never let me down. It certainly lived up to all the claims and kept me fresh all weekend.

Sure Maximum Protection is available in 45ml (RRP from £4.90**) at leading retailers nationwide.

Disclaimer - I received a Sure Maximum Protection Anti Perspirant for the purpose of this review but all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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