Monday 5 December 2011

Priddy Books Lets's Go Learning Number Puzzles

The Number Puzzles book is a giant activity book aimed at children aged 5 and older and who are at key stages 1 and 2. The book helps with writing skills, problem solving and number skills with a variety of different activities that are fun to do.

The giant sized book is brightly coloured and very well illustrated and whilst all the activities are number based they are all fun and best of all Luke was learning without realising. The activities include simple sums, counting and writing numbers, simple Sudoku puzzles and dot to dot pictures. The two pages of stickers always go down well and with over 200 stickers there are plenty to choose from.

This book is a great introduction to Maths and Luke really enjoyed doing the puzzles. The puzzles are just the right level for him and he could do most of them with very little help. I would never have thought of letting him try Sudoku however he really enjoyed working out the puzzles with only a little help.

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