Saturday 31 December 2011

Davina for Next

Last year I made a determined effort to start getting fit however as I have never been able to see the attraction of a gym I wasn't sure what I could do to help me get fitter. The main thing that puts me off a gym is the cost, as I can't see myself ever having the time to go enough to ever get value for money out of it! I dug out the Wii Fit and started using that but it was so easy to find something else that needed doing, so I needed to come up with another idea. I love being outside, so walking seemed my best option, it's free and I get to spend plenty of time outdoors. For the last year I have walked with a group of friends one morning every week, rain or shine and to be honest there seem to have been a lot more wet days than dry ones! Added to this, over the summer we started walking up a local hill once or twice a week with my family which has been good fun and brilliant exercise as it is quite a steep hill and really gets your heart going. December was very hectic and I didn't get to walk at all and I really missed it, now Christmas is over I am looking forward to starting again and losing the extra weight that I seem to have put on with all the lovely food and treats that we always have at Christmas. We have a busy year this year with a number of family celebrations and so I really need to put in quite a bit of effort and try and regain the flat tummy that I once had!!!

Up to now I have been wearing old leggings and trainers to walk in but having seen the new range of fitness clothes for Spring 2012 that Davina McCall has designed for Next I am really looking forward to updating my walking clothes. Davina has a really great range of clothes that are suitable for all types of activity. The blue burnout T-shirt will be perfect to put over the long line burnout vest, as you soon get warm walking, and I have found a few thin layers work much better as you can regulate your temperature much better with layers.
The Side Stripe Capri pants look great and they have a useful rear zip pocket which would be perfect for my keys and tissues. There are some fabulous shoes, which not only look good but also exercise your legs too, what a great excuse to buy more shoes!!! I have my eye on the floral pumps and the black and cream wedges.

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