Sunday 3 November 2019

#ACE Winter Refresh Challenge

As a child, Mum always put out of season clothes away and it was quite exciting when she decided it was time to sort out the clothes. The current ones were taken out of the wardrobe and sorted through, any that were worn and wouldn't do for my younger sister were put to one side and we removed the zips and cut off buttons before they were put in a bag to be used either as material to make dolls clothes or if they were really tatty then they were used as dusters and cloths for cleaning. The clothes my sister had grown out of were put in a bag to pass on to my Auntie for my younger cousins to have. Once the old clothes had been sorted Mum would bring out last years clothes and me and my sister would spend the afternoon trying them on to see which clothes still fitted. It was quite disappointing when favourite dresses and skirts no longer fitted but my sister, who is 2 years younger, was thrilled with the new clothes she had gained. My family were very good at passing clothes on it was quite exciting going through the bag of clothes from my cousins and see what fitted. If I needed more dresses or skirts then Mum would make them for me and we also had a trip to town for t-shirts and jeans. Once Mum had established which clothes fitted each of us they were put back in the wardrobe that I shared with my sister.

These days I still have a sort out every six months but this is more because my wardrobe is quite full and it wouldn't fit all my clothes in, so storing half of them away in suitcases in the loft means my wardrobe isn't quite as full and I can see easily what clothes I have. 

This weekend I have had a good sort out and had a good look at the clothes in my wardrobe. It's amazing when you sort through them how many have small stains on so I was glad I had the ACE for Colours powder to try. ACE for Colours brings the power of oxygen into the wash, soaking into the fabric and removing tough stains at just 30 degrees. 

You can pre-treat stains on your clothes by mixing 1 tablespoon of powder with 6 tablespoons of warm water and putting it on the stain, leaving for a maximum of 5 minutes before washing as normal. Another option is to soak clothes with 4 tablespoons of powder to 4 litres of water and leave for up to 6 hours (whites) or 1 hour (colours) before washing. The final option is to add the powder to your normal wash. I use a liquid wash in the drum so I did that as normal and added the powder to the dispenser drawer which worked really well. I was really impressed with ACE, everything I washed that was stained came out looking like new and when I washed a pair of old white pillowcases that had seen better days I really was impressed at how clean and bright they were after washing. I had planned on replacing them but there is no need now.   

I try and do my bit for the environment and recycle everything I can so I was pleased that ACE is in a plastic free fully recyclable carton. 

If you want to try ACE for yourself then you can find it at Morrisons or buy it online from Amazon

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterrefresh Challenge sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder

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  1. Really loved about what your mum did - important to learn from our mothers. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part