Thursday 28 December 2017

Christmas Wreath

The Christmas wreath that I normally hang on my front door was looking very shabby so I decided that I needed a new one this year. I looked at the local garden centres and they were quite expensive so I decided I would have a go at making one. I bought a willow heart from a local discount shop and then armed with a pair of secateurs went down the field in search of holly and greenery.

There was plenty of holly but the birds had eaten most of the berries, I did find an odd branch with one berry on so I ended up picking the last of the rose hips to add a little bit of colour to the wreath.

I threaded the stems into the willow frame and I think it looked very effective and Christmassy. It cost a fraction of the price of the ones in the shops and I had the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself. Our front door is quite sheltered so it still looks nice after a couple of weeks and I can reuse the willow heart next year.

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