Monday 17 July 2017

Walk around Great Tower

William recently attended the County Explorer Scout camp at Great Tower Scout Activity Centre, we took him up there and then had a wander around the site.  

We walked up to Tower Rock first which is where you get the best views, it was a lovely evening and despite there being so many Explorer Scouts on site it was actually very peaceful sat at the top. 

The path from Tower Rock to Ghyll Head was quite overgrown with bracken, Luke enjoyed hiding in it!

The crate stacking is in what was the old conservation area, it was strange not seeing the fenced off area as it has been there for as long as I have been going to Great Tower! 

There was a good selection of fungi growing on the trees and a lot of dead wood that really need clearing. Whilst the campsite is looking better for not being used as much, we did feel that it does need a bit of forestry work to keep the site safe for the children using it.

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