Monday 10 July 2017

Luke's first night hike

Mark has been waiting for a nice Saturday night to take the boys on a night hike and he also thought they could sleep on top of the fells. He looked at the forecast for Saturday and as it was going to be warm they decided to go then. They got all the equipment together, mats, rucsacks, sleeping bags and food and a stove and packed it into the rucsacks, Luke was very excited about sleeping on the fells and couldn't wait to get started.

They left just before midnight, they were waiting for William, who was working until 11pm, but when he arrived home he was shattered so decided to stay at home and get a good nights sleep! 

Luke normally moans when we go on a walk but Mark said he didn't moan once and they didn't stop for a rest as Luke was keen to get to the top!

They managed a couple of hours sleep before they woke to watch the sun rise.

Once the sun was up they cooked breakfast and used the Trekmates Flameless Cooking System to make a hot drink.

Whilst they didn't get a lot of sleep Luke had a great time and has already asked when they can do it again!

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