Sunday 18 September 2016

Autumn Fruits

I picked Luke up from school on Wednesday and as it was such a lovely afternoon he suggested that he took me for a ride around the fields. The hedgerows were full of colour with lots of different fruits.

There are plenty of sloes this year, we picked some last weekend and Mark and Luke made some sloe gin this week.

There are plenty of berries on the hawthorn, the red berries really stood out against the green leaves.

The berries on the holly are just starting to turn from green to red. There are lots of berries so hopefully there will still be plenty of berries at Christmas and we can use some to decorate the house.

Mum has been picking the blackberries so there weren't many left, we picked what we saw and ate them! 

There were also a couple of hedges with lots of rosehips, we used to have a lot in the back garden and Mum used to pick them and make rosehip syrup. I can't remember what it was like so maybe it is something to try when I have a bit more time!

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