Friday 22 May 2015

The Garden

We have been busy tidying the garden over the last couple of weekends. Mark has also been building a new hen pen so we can get some new hens and Luke has been helping.

The pen looks very impressive and much bigger than the one we have at the minute. Mark is planning on getting 6 more hens so they will have lots of room.

The base is down ready for a new shed for the hens.

The plan is to keep Cocky (the cockerel) in the old pen as we have found that he is quite vicious and doesn't take kindly to new hens in his pen. The new pen is next to the old so they will be able to see each other through the wire but not get close enough to attack!

We have had to move a flowerbed to make the new pen so we have created a new bed at the side of the hen pen. It looks really nice and all the plants seem to have survived the move.

I have been doing a lot of weeding and also planting up the baskets that go on the back of the garage as well as a few pots. The beds are looking much better now the weeds have gone.

I am just waiting for some sun to help the flowers grow!

We have some tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers growing in the greenhouse so hopefully they will give us a good crop this summer.

I did cheat and buy a couple of baskets with fuchsia plants in. It really wasn't worth doing my own as they were such a good price. They have been in the greenhouse for a couple of weeks now and if it warms up I will put them outside this weekend.

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