Sunday 12 October 2014

Luke's birthday

It was Luke's birthday last week so we went out for the day to the Science Museum and then to a Chinese buffet restaurant. Luke wanted to take Ed with us so after seeing if  his wheelchair would fit in Grandad's car (which it did) we set off for Manchester.

Luke spent most of the day riding on the back of the wheelchair and we were pleased that we could take the electric one as it meant the boys could go and look at whatever they wanted.

We spent a couple of hours there and then went for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Luke tried mussels for the first time and wasn't keen. This is the advantage of a Chinese buffet as you can try different foods and find out what we do and do not like.

Ed wasn't as brave and stuck to chicken and chips!

We had a lovely day out and Luke really enjoyed his birthday trip and Ed enjoyed the day out too.

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