Friday 4 July 2014

County Cub Camp

Two weekends ago we went to County Cub Camp at Waddecar. This event is held every two years and last time it rained constantly the whole weekend. The Cubs enjoyed it but it is so much harder running a camp when it is so wet. This time we couldn't have had better weather, the sun shone the whole weekend and everyone had a fantastic time.

There were lots of great activities for the Cubs to try, one district had Christmas as a theme and the Cubs had to pull sledges across a soapy sheet of visqueen and collect jigsaw pieces. The team that finished their jigsaw first were the winners.

There were paddling pools full of jelly where you had to find letters to spell out words.

Luke really enjoyed trampolining

The whole weekend was filmed with a little gadget that flew overhead and videoed the event, the Cubs were fascinated with it and always waved when they saw it.

Everyone really enjoyed the camp and went home tired but happy!

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