Monday 16 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat - Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a real chocoholic. When Hotel Chocolat asked if I would like to review their Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection to say I was thrilled was an understatement! 

The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection is beautifully packaged in a long box that is the perfect size to fit through the letterbox.  The lid is bright red and very Christmassy and the minute you remove the lid the wonderful smell of chocolate hits you. There is a good mix of dark, milk and white chocolates and with 13 different flavours there is something to suit everyone. 

Hotel Chocolat are very adventurous with their flavour combinations, I would never have thought of combining  pistachio, cherry, rose and praline to make a pistachio praline crunch but it all works surprisingly well together. As this is a Christmas selection unsurprisingly the flavours have a Christmas theme and there are chocolates made with cranberry, marzipan, and of course plenty of alcohol . The chocolates are all different shapes and sizes and the addition of stars, a bell, a bauble and the traditional Christmas tree all add to the Christmas experience.

The chocolate guide has a colour picture of each chocolate along with a short description of the taste along with a handy alcohol guide ranging from "no alcohol" to "could blow your socks off" so if you have children it may be worth reading this first.

These are the chocolates contained in the box.

Marzipan & Amaretto Truffle - Fine almond marzipan softened with a splash of mellow amaretto.
Christmas Mess - Fruity cranberry ganache and strawberry mousse with meringue sprinkles.
Cranberry Cup - Tangy cranberries blended in a more-cocoa white chocolate ganache.
Rum Punch -A creamy milk truffle with ginger and orange and premium Jamaican rum.
Nutmeg & Almond Praline - Almond praline flavoured with nutmeg.
White Chocolate & Vanilla Bell - Cast in  creamy white chocolate with vanilla essence and seeds.
Dark Christmas Tree - Cast in  smooth dark chocolate with deep aromas and punchy cocoa notes.
50% Milk Bauble - Deeply chocolaty but still milky – made with less sugar and more cocoa.
Pistachio Praline Crunch - Pistachio praline with cherry and a hint of rose and a whole pistachio nut.
Mulled Port - A warming truffle with  ruby port, spiced with Pimento leaf and bitter orange.
Chambord Royale -A real Champagne truffle blended with black raspberry liqueur.
Caramel Supernova - A star of oozingly soft caramel paired with 70% dark chocolate.

Praline Crisp Star - A contrast of smooth, mellow praline and masses of nibbly feuilletine.

Whilst I enjoyed all the chocolates my favourites were the dark Christmas tree as I love  good quality dark chocolate and the Christmas Mess as it was so tangy and delicious. 

These chocolates make a perfect Christmas gift that any chocolate lover would be overjoyed to receive. They cost £23 but if you buy 3 or more boxes the price drops to £21. If you don't have a Hotel Chocolat shop nearby they can be purchased online from the Hotel Chocolat website here.

We received a box of Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection for the purposes of this review but all words, opinions and pictures are our own.

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