Friday 6 December 2013

Christmas Cakes

At Cubs this week we made Christmas cakes. This is a tradition that goes back years, I was trying to think when we first made them and I know we made them when Fiona was a still a leader and she emigrated to Canada in 1999 so we must have made them for about the last 17 years. Back then we used to save tuna tins to cook the cakes in and for weeks before Christmas everyone was on tuna sandwiches so we had enough tins for all the cubs! Now we buy foil trays which is much easier.

The recipe we use is

5oz  Margarine
5oz  Soft brown sugar
6oz  Flour
1oz  Ground Almonds
3      Eggs
1lb   Mixed fruit
2oz  Cherries
Cream margarine and sugar
Fold in eggs and flour
Add fruit and almonds etc
Cook for one hour, foil covered, on 180C then for half an hour on 200C without foil.

The Cubs all really enjoy making the cakes and they decorate them the following week and take them home.

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