Friday 27 May 2016

Husqvarna AutoMower Challenge

Our garden is quite large and it takes a long time to mow the grass. Our ride on mower needed a new starter motor so we were back to using the petrol mower which hasn't got quite the same attraction for William and Luke! When I saw Husqvarna were looking for 100 people to try out their robotic mowers in the Husqvarna Auto Mower Challenge it was like a dream come true, I fitted the criteria so I filled in the application form and kept my fingers crossed!

To qualify to take part in the challenge we needed a lawn  between 500m2 and 6,000m2, be active on social media and also be able to capture and upload video content online. The video bit was the scariest but I knew Mark would be able to help as it would save so much time for him.

I was so excited when I received an email in April saying we had been selected to take part, I found out later that there had been over 11,000 applications so we feel very lucky to be taking part in the challenge. Michael from Husqvarna came out to see us and said our garden was perfect for a Husqvarna automower and he came out again last Friday to install it.

We had to do a bit of work prior to the installation, we needed a power socket and also needed to take out the mortar between the flags so the wires could go in the gap. 

We also had a slight hicuup on the morning of installation when we discovered a tree had fallen in the night although luckily it had fallen into the garden and they were able to work around it!

Michael and Jim arrived with the 430x mower and started putting the wires around the garden, it took about 4 hours and then we were ready to go.

We have been really impressed at how good the mower is and I will keep posting updates throughout the summer.

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