Sunday 25 October 2015


Today Mark and Luke have been busy in the garden. We are putting in a new bed for the rhubarb and tidying up the area where the trampoline was. Mark made a soil riddler with some wood and old drawer runners to riddle the soil and then the soil is going to be used in the rhubarb bed. All the stones and roots stay in the top and all the nice soil drops through. Luke was filling the soil riddler as Mark was pushing it backwards and they were getting through the pile of soil quite quickly.

The rhubarb bed has been edged with a sleeper and it is looking much tidier now.

Autumn has well and truly landed now, the trees are quite bare and most of the leaves are on the ground. The poplar trees on the drive look impressive but they drop a lot of leaves and branches in autumn. It's a never ending battle collecting them but next weekend we will collect them and burn them. Luke enjoys collecting them if he can burn them! 

The cabbages never really did much and even the caterpillars seem to have given up on them! I think we will try something different next year.

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