Tuesday 22 September 2015

Weekend in Wales

Last weekend we spent the weekend with Mark's Mum and Dad in Wales. We stayed on a caravan site just outside Porthmadog and had a lovely weekend. Saturday was a lovely day and we did a nice walk from Beddgellert. 

There were patches of mist as we were setting off which looked amazing in the sunlight and some of the bushes had cobwebs that were glistening with dew.

Part of the walk was along the river and the boys found a cave which they explored. Luckily Mark had a torch in his rucsack so they were able to go in quite a way which they enjoyed.

The weather was perfect, considering it was September it was really hot and we all wished we had put shorts on like Luke.

On Sunday we went on the Ffestiniog railway which something we have done every year since Luke was small. Usually we travel from Ffestiniog to Porthmadog but this time we parked at Tan-y-Bwlch for a change.

The weather wasn't as nice but at least it stayed fine. There were no open carriages so we had to sit in an indoor one but at least we stayed warm.

We had enough time in Porthmadog to get to the ice cream shop and Luke enjoyed his bubblegum ice cream.

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