Sunday 5 July 2015

Ultimate Dinner Party

As you know we all enjoy cooking and baking in our house so when Finish asked me to describe my ultimate dinner party I had lots of food ideas running through my head. Whilst I don’t organise many dinner parties we do try and cook a variety of different foods and are always trying out new recipes, some are great and others have a cross put in the top corner as a family note not to bother with that recipe again!

So here are my suggestions for food at my dinner party.

Starter - Paté
Main Course - Beef Wellington with roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and braised red cabbage
Dessert - Bakewell tart with homemade custard or ice - cream

Homemade paté is actually very easy to make and much cheaper than shop bought paté – it is also much nicer! Home made cranberry  sauce and a warm bread roll are the perfect accompaniments. I made this at Christmas and everyone enjoyed it.

We eat a lot of beef and Beef Wellington is a real treat. It takes time to make but it really is worth it. We are lucky as we have a couple of excellent butchers and farm shops nearby so we can always buy delicious meat. I do cheat and use ready made puff pastry as it is just so much easier than making your own. With the Beef Wellington I would serve cauliflower cheese, braised red cabbage and roast potatoes.

For pudding you can’t go wrong with a Bakewell Tart. I always make it in a large tin in the hope some will be left over for the following day but this never seems to happen! I serve it with either custard or home made ice cream.

After all that cooking I am really glad we have a dishwasher to wash all the dishes. I have tried different brands of dishwasher tablets over the years however I have found that Finish takes care of your dishes much more than other brands. Glasses come out sparkling and I have never had any glasses go cloudy and scratched like some of my friends have. Finish have an article on their website about cloudy glasses and what causes it, you can read about it here.

What would be your suggestions for food at your ultimate dinner party?

Disclaimer - I received some Finish products for the purpose of writing this post but all words, photos and opinions are my own

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