Sunday 15 February 2015

1st bike ride of the year

We haven't been out on our bikes for a while but as it was such a lovely morning we decided to go out and have a ride. I am not quite sure what type of weather Luke was expecting, he wore sunglasses combined with a fleecy neck tube!

We didn't venture too far as it was our first trip of the year so did a circular route of 11 miles. Considering it has been a few months since I last rode my bike it wasn't as hard as I was expecting and we had a nice ride. On the way back Luke and Mark did a slight detour and did a spot of off-roading on a bridle path. It was a bit muddier than they were expecting and Luke was in his element!

Hopefully the weather will stay nice and we will be able to fit in a few more rides this week and make the most of the school holidays.

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