Sunday 14 December 2014

Snapfish Review

Snapfish is an online photo printing service that in addition to standard prints will produce a wide array of photo gifts. Whilst I was aware of Snapfish we had never used them before so when they asked if we would like to create some Christmas gifts we jumped at the chance.

After looking at the website we decided that calendars and a mug would make great Christmas gifts for our family. To create these we found the hardest job was sorting through our many photos and deciding which ones to use! We settled on a theme of “Out and About in 2014” and set to work. Once we had chosen enough pictures the next job was to upload them to the site. Snapfish allows uploads from Facebook, Flickr or straight from your computer and although there is a quick upload option I chose to upload full quality photos instead.

It was easy to browse the website and choose from a large selection of gift products, we chose a simple black background for our calendars, but many more are available. The calendar templates can then be adjusted, calendars can start at any month of the year and therefore are suitable for any time. Each page of the calendar can have one or more photos and can also contain text although we chose not to include text on our calendars. We designed three different calendars, a desk calendar for my desk at work and two kitchen calendars for our family. Mark decided on a photo mug displaying photos of the whole family that he will use at work.

The site works well but I did find having to upload the photos first a bit of a pain. If you are in the habit of printing your digital photos and use Snapfish anyway then this is not a problem but I don’t and so this added another step in the process and made it quite time consuming. 

After ordering it only took a few days for the gifts to arrive and we were really impressed with the quality. The printing is clear, text on the front of the calendar is sharp and the photos high quality. I am sure our families will be impressed with their calendars when they receive them on Christmas day. At £9.99 for the kitchen calendar and £10.99 for the desk calendar they are very reasonably priced and a personalised gift always goes down well with families. The mugs start at £7.99 and with 7 different options to choose from it is easy to create a special gift. 

Snapfish have created a list of their favourite Christmas gift ideas, why don’t you have a look at the list below and create some unique Christmas gifts for your friends and families.

Personalised Calendars
Personalised Mugs
Photo Ornaments
Photo Panels
Folded Greetings Cards
Personalised sets of notecards
Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

Disclaimer - We received a £40 voucher to spend on Christmas gifts for the purpose of this review but all words, opinions and photos are our own.

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