Saturday 26 October 2013

Garden Wishlist

We are very lucky to have a huge garden and we enjoy spending time in it when the weather is good. We have done a huge amount of work over the last 9 years converting it from a field and it is finally starting to look like like we want it to. When I was a child, playing cricket in the field and climbing over the silo clamp I never imagined that one day it would become my garden! There have been times over the years when we didn't seem to be getting anywhere and I couldn't see us ever finishing but we have persevered and despite some dreadful summers have managed to complete a major project most years. 

Having a big garden and lots of space means we can have bigger outdoor toys and one of our best buys was the BERG go kart that we bought a few years ago. The seat is moveable and means everyone can use it, adults too. A project for the future is to build a go kart track in the field and all the boys, big and small, can use it for races.

When I saw the competition being run by Tots100 and Activity Toys Direct asking us to go fantasy shopping I asked the boys what they would spend £500 on for their dream garden and they both came up with completely different ideas. 

Luke decided his money would best be spent on additional parts for his go kart. Here is his list which adds up to £486.50.

When I asked William how he would spend £500 he came up with a list totalling £496.46. He spent ages studying the website and put a lot of thought into his list.

He fancied adding an adventure area to our garden with a zip wire and monkey swing attachment. I thought that was a great idea and Mark could use some of his pioneering skills to construct a frame to connect it to. I can see that we would perhaps need a couple of the zip wire kits as Mark will have lots of ideas for building an adventure playground and it would be a fantastic way of using the garden. William also thought a hammock would be fun and somewhere to relax after he had been bouncing around on the TP Toys Pogo stick. He also added a BERG toys Balance Bike which looked fun and would be a good way to keep fit too. His final item was a monkey swing that we could attach to one of the branches of a tree.

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