Friday 27 September 2013

Naked Coco de Mer Body Butter Review

I don't know if you have tried Naked products before but if you haven't you really should! I recently tried the Coco de Mer bodybutter and loved it, it has a gorgeous fragrance that left my skin moisturised all day.

The minute you remove the lid you can smell the gorgeous fragrance of this body butter and once it is on your skin the fragrance lasts all day. The body butter is quite thick but it just seems to melt into my skin leaving it soft and moisturised but without feeling sticky or greasy. It has the feel of a luxury product but without the corresponding price tag.

So what do Naked say about it? Their description of the Coco de Mer body butter from their website is -  

Heavily moisturising, for skin with an insatiable appetite, this body butter leaves your skin veiled in an intoxicating scent so you feel caressed day and night. This is no ordinary Body Butter, this is a Naked body butter. 

I can't really add much more to this as it is such a perfect description! I did find that my colleagues noticed the fragrance and wanted to know what it was so I took the pot into work for them all to try and they all said how nice it was. 

As it is such a good product you don't need to use a lot which means a pot will last for ages. At £4.99 for 300ml it is excellent value for money.

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