Monday 8 October 2012

Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream

I was lucky enough to win a tube of  Barefoot S.O.S.Face & Body Rescue Cream in a competition recently. I have used Barefoot products before and I can't rate them highly enough so I thought I would add a review to my blog so that hopefully other people will give them a try too. Their products are especially suited to people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, very dry skin.

The Barefoot S.O.S. Face & Body Rescue Cream comes in an easy to use tube with a flip lid.   The packaging is attractive and has the distinctive Barefoot logo at the top. There is also a useful leaflet which tells you a little bit about the product, the SOS Philosophy and other products in the range. You can also obtain more information from their website

On the packaging it states "Combining the highest quality natural ethically sourced botanical extracts, pure natural moisturisers and the finest essential oils, this intensively rich and nourishing cream provides welcome relief for problem skin" - Not all companies explain what the ingredients in their product actually do but I am really impressed that Barefoot have listed the main ingredients along with an explanation of their benefits. The ingredients mentioned are as follows;

Stellaria (Chickweed) & Burdock Botanical Extracts - instantly comfort and soothe irritation

Macadamia & Evening Primrose Oil - deeply moisturise and restore parched skin

Organic Sulphur (MSM) - intensively softens and replenishes dry skin

Pure Essential Oils of Neroli & Chamomile - gently nurture the skin with a soft aroma

I was pleased to see that even though it is full of natural ingredients the best before date was in 12 months time, however if you are using it every day it won’t last anywhere near that long!

The Barefoot S.O.S. Face & Body Rescue Cream is really easy to apply and absorbs easily into my skin without leaving that sticky feel that you sometimes get with intensive moisturisers. It had a lovely aroma which you can smell as soon as the tube is opened and can still be smelt a few hours later. It isn't too heavy for my face and leaves it feeling really moisturised, even when I spend all day outside in the garden.

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