Saturday 22 September 2012


 Last weekend we were invited to a 40th birthday party. In the invite was the instruction to bring 2 decorated cup cakes for a competition! Now I enjoy baking but my cakes don't normally get decorated as I am not in the slightest bit artistic. Anyway not wanting to be the only family not joining in we set to and made some cakes. A trip next door to borrow a cake decorating book and we were set!

Ice Cream

This one wasn't in the book, it was an idea I pinched from another Mum at school who made some cakes for our school barbeque!
I trimmed the bottom of the cake to fit in the wafer cup and covered the cake with butter icing. I then decorated it with sprinkles, a flake and chocolate sauce.
For the tortoise I added green food colouring to turn the butter icing green. For the shell I used the chocolate drops that are sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and cut them into quarters.I used jelly beans for the head and legs.

For the pig I used pink butter icing with a marshmallow nose. Two     dots of chocolate sauce formed the nostrils and pink prawn sweets became the ears. I added small blue chocolate beans for the eyes.

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