Monday 26 September 2011

Irritating Ethel

Irritating Ethel is a pink annoying monster and just the sort of toy that appeals to young boys. Initially I thought the fact that she is pink would put them off however the novelty of a toy that farts and burps was just their sort of toy! There are blue swirls on the areas that are interactive and she even starts snoring if you haven't touched her for a while, which is probably the most irritating of all the noises she makes. Fortunately there is an off switch on Ethel if you get too tired of her! If you squeeze her foot she giggles and vibrates which had my 5 year old son in stitches! You can also poke her eye and she will scream. My sons both loved pressing her hand as she then repeats back what you say to her. Irritating Ethel was also a big hit with adults, everyone thought she was a great toy although at £19.99 it's not a cheap toy.

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