Sunday 17 July 2011

I Love Dinosaurs Giant Activity Book.

This is a fantastic book and it kept my two sons occupied on a long car journey recently. Dinosaurs are always a favourite subject and this book did not disappoint. William who is 9 liked reading about the different types of dinosaurs and kept Luke, who is 5, entertained with his amusing dinosaur voices!
There is a good mix of activities in this large paperback book, stickers are always a favourite activity and this book has 200 of them so there was plenty to keep my two boys occupied. A wide range of puzzles, colouring pages and writing activities add to the enjoyment of this book. Luke is in Reception and especially enjoyed tracing over the outlines of the letters and numbers. It is a great way for children to learn without them actually realising it!
The illustrations are superb, they are colourful and detailed and William, who is a bit of a dinosaur expert, really enjoyed looking at the dinosaurs and reading the quirky rhymes about them.
This would be a great book to take on holiday as it would be good for entertaining children at the airport, on a plane or in a caravan as there are so many activities that appeal to children.

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